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  • Order Release Equipment feature

    Any idea how can I used this feature 'Order Release Equipment' on planning?
    I read about this on OTM online help file.

    My understanding the logic is as long as there is Equipment Group assign to the Order Release at header page. By right, I should get the Equipment I wanted to use for this Order Release.
    I am using 'specify equipment (for example containers) on your order release but not on the ship units.'

    my scenario is:
    2 SU on this OR,
    1st SU = 40cbm
    2nd SU = 48cbm

    at OR Equipment, I inserted, 2 Equipment Groups:
    1 40FT
    1 45FT

    Equipment group volumes are:
    40FT = 77cbm
    45FT = 86cbm

    My itinerary is multi-stop and at leg, consolidation type = multi-stop into 1 Equipment.
    I expect I have 2 Shipment Built. 1 Shipment using 40FT and the other Shipment using 1 45FT
    But I am getting 1 45FT.
    I need OTM to plan according to the Equipment Group and no. of Equipments I wanted to, as the customer has already agreed on certain Container to be used for Shipment.

    The 'weird' thing is when i assigned 40FT at Order release constraint, I can get the result I wanted.

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    Re: Order Release Equipment feature

    Hi Siewlg,

    1.What option you are using in Conopt parameter weight , Volume or both ?
    2.If your both shipunit Dims fits in one 45 Ft ? what orientation you have given in your ship unit specifictation ??



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      Re: Order Release Equipment feature

      Oracle Support has got back... and confirmed it is a Bug. ['See Bug12728058 has now been targeted for version 6.1.6. OTM Version 6.1.6 is tentatively scheduled to be released by end of August, 2011'