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[SOLVED] Lead time for shipment start time

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  • [SOLVED] Lead time for shipment start time

    I want to build a shipment from an order where I need it to calculate 1 day "pre-notice" time for the carrier.
    So today an order is planned at 14:00 (no pickup or delivery dates on the order release), I want to have a start time on my shipment of 1 day later (so tomorrow 14:00).
    However if an order has a late pickup date of today, it must select an "Express" rate to where that "pre-notice" time of 1 Day is not applicable.

    I found out what can be done in OTM:

    - THere is a planning parameter "MIN BUNDLING TIME WINDOW AFTER CURRENT TIME" to take into account a certain start time off set. But this will apply it always and that's what I don't want.

    - You can add a day to you rate service day duration, but then the start time is still today 14:00. Is also not what I want.

    - You can add an (time) accessorial to the rate service detail. According the helpfiles this should be what I want. Has someone used this before? I tried a lot but I can;t get it to work.

    If someone used this before please help.

    Best regards,

    Bob Romijn
    Best Regards,

    Bob Romijn

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    Re: Lead time for shipment start time

    Given that scenario, have the agent that you are using to create the shipments set up to test for the existence of the latest pickup date on an order.

    If that exists, process it as normal and choose the express service.

    If the order release does not have a latest pickup date, set the earliest pickup date to be today +1, build the shipment (shipment start time will be today +1) and then if necessary clear the earliest date from the order release.

    This should all be relatively easy to do with either the standard automation agent actions or with some Direct SQL Update.

    If you are bulk planning the orders, you may have to do something to set the same logic on the order releases prior to the bulk plan process starting.