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  • Location capacity not used


    I have got a question regarding the definition and usage of location capacities.

    We have set up a calendar for a receiving location with the following data:
    Day4 04:00 AM to 06:00 AM RECEIVE Perform
    Day4 06:00 AM to 08:00 AM RECEIVE Perform

    And there is an active location capacitiy defined using the same calendar:
    Activity type: RECEIVE
    Capacity type: SHIPMENT
    Capacity allocation rule: ALL BUCKETS

    Then there is an override definition for the capacity for the different time intervalls of the calendar:

    Activity Calendar Use Default Time Bucket Duration Maximum Quantity Target Quantity
    DAY 4 04:00AM-06:00AM N 1 H 1 1
    DAY 4 06:00AM-08:00AM N 1 H 2 2

    The location capacity is the only member of a location capacity group and the location capacity group is assigned to the receiving location.

    When I make a "Bulk plan buy" to create a buy shipment by choosing this action on an order release, the first shipment will be built and use the activity time 04:00-06:00 at the receiving location.
    But when I try to create a second shipment in the same way, no shipment is created. I expected the second shipment to use the activity time 06:00-08:00.

    If I change the location capacity in a way that the first activity time intervall has a greater capacity (e.g. 2 at maximum and target quantity), this intervall is found when creating a second shipment.
    For me it seems that only the first defined activity time intervall is inspected and the others are ignored.

    What am I doing wrong?



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    Re: Location capacity not used

    I am having this above issue. Did you ever get this resolved?