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Orders over 43500 lbs

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  • Orders over 43500 lbs

    Hi :

    We are using OTM 5.5 CU2 RU5.

    Out TL shipment weight limit is 43,500 pounds. We have orders that are over 43,500 pounds and we plan shipments prior
    to product being ready to ship. In this example, the order gets planned into
    multiple shipments (A & B). Is there a way to ship shipment A and still
    receive updates for shipment B? Can ship units be added and deleted and start
    times re-calculated for the shipments? Can one of the shipments that is not a
    full TL plan with other orders to possibly consolidate into one TL?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Orders over 43500 lbs

    Hi Jay,
    Where are your order releases originating from? We faced a similar issue sending orders over from EBS and found it was pretty straightforward to break by weight (or volume) on the EBS side (source Order Entry system). Only exception was if it was over weight or volume within a single line as opposed to amongst different lines (ship units in OTM). These then become separate TL shipments upon integration into OTM. This was a customization we ran just before sending orders into OTM.



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      Re: Orders over 43500 lbs

      Hi Jay,

      in addition to Jeff's comment: Yes, you can proceed with SH 1 and still ship 2 together with others (consolidate) in 2 ways : one is you manually merge the shipments, the other is to use Order Movements; if you go with Order Movements, the system will consolidate and do all the other neccessary things for you automatically.

      Hope that helps