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Orders over TL to Fail

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  • Orders over TL to Fail

    I have a requirement where I would like any individual orders over a TL to fail during Bulk Plan Processing.

    I want these orders to be handled manually by a user.

    Can anyone offer a suggestion on how to accomplish this?

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    Re: Orders over TL to Fail

    Hi Joe,

    You can use a saved query to filter out the orders that get into the Bulk plan process..but i don't think it is possible to fail a particular order unless the BulkPlan itself fails the order due to rates unavailability or other constraints.
    If you want a particular set of orders to be planned manually,probably you could set a flag in those orders and exclude them from getting pickedup by the bulkplan.later on these orders could be pickedup and planned manually..
    Please repost should you require more info.
    Warm Regards,