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    hi All,

    I have two orders (Origin Location A, B) which use consol pool (C) to reach destination D. These orders arrive at consol pool at different times.

    However start time of these orders is same from consol pool , still OTM is building different shipments. These shipments use same itinerary, rate record, rate offering but still not going to same shipments.

    When I am trying to do the merge shipment action then they get merged into one shipment without any error.

    In Itinerary : my settings are multistop Check Box checked, consol location check box checked, Match consol Pool to Src Checked, Primary check box(Tested by checking and unchecking this), Auto consolidation type(Tested with consol into one shipment multiequip,consol into one equip, multistop into one equip).

    In Location role have mentioned as Consolidation pool and location ID is mentioned as Location C. Despite checking out these combinations, I am not able to get these orders into one shipment.

    Could anyone let me know what could be the missing link.


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    Re: Consolidation Pool


    Did u create a region ?

    How many legs does your itineary have ?

    What are you using to calculate the distance LAT LONG or Lanes .



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      Re: Consolidation Pool

      yes, I have created a region. My itinerary has only one leg i.e from Region to country. A,B,C locations fall under one region. and all the locations A,B,C,D fall under one country.

      I am calculating the distance using lanes i.e look up only.


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        Re: Consolidation Pool

        I was able to get correct result by taking simulation as rate service , earlier I was using ground schedule. Just scratching my head over ,why by taking rate service as ground schedule this scenario was not working out..

        if any one has idea over that, do drlet me know