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Order Movements & Console Into One Equipment

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  • Order Movements & Console Into One Equipment

    Hi everyone,

    Currently I am creating order movements because I require independent planning across multiple legs. I am dealing with FTL trucks and hence the itinerary leg Auto Consolidation Type value is set to CONSOLE INTO ONE EQUIPMENT.

    I created an order with 50 ship units that should give me 2 equipments and hence 2 shipments (1 shipment - 1 equipment). The order movement created before planning shows that there is 1 order movement with 50 ship units.

    However, after bulk planning, I correctly get 2 shipments. But now there are 2 order movements - each with 25 ship units on them.

    I would like to still maintain 1 order movement with 50 ship units and 2 shipments associated with it because it will be distressing to the operations to suddenly find that their order movements doubled!

    Has anyone encountered this issue before? Has anyone any advice on how to still get 1 order movement after bulk planning?