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Distance from Previous stop calculation

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  • Distance from Previous stop calculation


    We have a scenario in which customer is using both Direct and Manual Shipment build option to build shipments from order release.

    When we are building shipment using "Direct" Option the Distance from Previous stop (i.e. The distance between origin and destination location is calculated and stored in SHIPMENT_STOP table against the destination stop location).

    Where us when we build the shipment Manually by giving Transport Mode, Service Provider, Estimated Transit time and Cost the distance is not calculated for the manually build shipment.

    We tried building shipments from same order release and the distance is populated for shipments build using "Direct" option. But for the same order release when build manually no distance is populated.

    Request group to throw some light on the intended functionality of OTM whether the distance will be calculated for Manual Shipment Build and if so any ideas on configuration.

    With Thanks and regards,

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    Re: Distance from Previous stop calculation

    Hi Karthik,
    Is your problem still outstanding and which OTM version (and CU release) are you using? If your problem has been resolved, it would be great if you could share what you did to resolve it.



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      Re: Distance from Previous stop calculation

      Hi Simon,

      This issue is still open and I did further investigation on this and I beleive when we build shipments manully it will not calculate distance.

      I have tried giving values for those lanes in Transportation and planning>Power date,but still it is not calculating the distance for manually build shipments.

      If you find something please share.

      Thanks and regards,


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        Re: Distance from Previous stop calculation

        Hi Karthik,

        Please give a value in the "servprov id" field along with the mandatory "Tranpsort Mode" field while creating a manual shipment.Hope this should help you.
        Please repost if this doesn't help you
        Warm Regards,