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unble to create multileg with attached data

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  • unble to create multileg with attached data

    Hi Folks,

    I have attached data sheet which i have prepared for multileg scenario.
    Please configure it at ur end and suggest what configration i am missing in it...

    What i found is main problem lies in rate service of Voyage whcih is attached to voyage schedule

    Please help me to get this resolve..\

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Re: unble to create multileg with attached data

    What error message are you getting when you try to create the shipments from the order release ?


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      Re: unble to create multileg with attached data


      I am getting error as "no shipments built for order bundle"

      There are few observations to this scenario.
      1) Unable to get result for RATE AND ROUTE INQUAIRY with attached data but can get results for RATE INQUAIRY

      2) If I change second leg to TL(instead of VESSEL) with RATE SERVICE as simulation & RATE DISTANCE ID lookup then RATE AND ROUTE INQUAIRY works fine and I get multileg shipment with legs "TL TL RAIL"

      3)Third observation may seems illogical but its true, ur RATE INQUAIRY for vessel works only for one day(meaning next day when u come and ask system to give results for same RATE INQUAIRY for vessel then it unble to get rate record and do not produce any results......u need to delete all data for vessel and recreate it with new ids then only it will work fine but that too for that day only.....not sure why this happens)

      Please help to get this issue resolve.