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Restricting Shipment Stops in Multistop

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  • Restricting Shipment Stops in Multistop

    We have set up Rate Offerings and an Itinerariy that works ok with Multidrops.
    OTM in Bulk Plan creates multi drop shipments, and restricts as expected to the max number of drops of5.

    The issue we have is we cannot control the behavour of restricting 5 drops max to a destination radius of 200km, nor can we force the max distance between drops to be 60km. There are fields for this on the itinerary but when we populate these fields the behavour does not change, ie OTM still builds a shipment of 1000km with drops anywhere along the route.

    This particular Carrier will only deliver within a 200km radius of the last drop.

    Any guidance is appreciated.

    Tony Drake

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    Re: Restricting Shipment Stops in Multistop


    You may want to take a look at the Maximum Circuity Distance field on the Rate Offering Attributes Tab.

    You could also restrict the Order Releases by placing your Buy Fixed Itinerary on the OR Constraints Tab as well as restrict your Itinerary with the Rate Offering you are looking to have chosen.

    These are just some suggestions as I am not completely clear on what you are trying to achieve.

    Good Luck,
    Joe C


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      Re: Restricting Shipment Stops in Multistop

      Thanks for the reply Joe.....

      The itinerary does allow the shipment to be built to the furtherst point, with 4 further drops on route. The challenge we are experiencing is that OTM is allowing stops in transit that it should not allow as they are out of range. (Not a circuitry issue as they are almost on the straight line, but on a 1000km shipment the drops are 500km from the final destination)

      We are configuring the itinerary to restrict drops to within 200km of the final destination, and a maximum of 60km apart, but OTM is building stops en route that are outside of those parameters.

      We were wondering if there are any other settings required that work in conjunction with these paramenters on the itinerary.

      Any help is appreciated.



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        Re: Restricting Shipment Stops in Multistop


        You may have already tried this but....maybe a combination of Max Distance Between Deliveries and Max Radius Between Deliveries could work.

        See the attached,

        Joe C
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