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Consolidation orders using itineraries

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  • Consolidation orders using itineraries

    Does anyone know how to consolidate orders onto different shipment legs of a mutlileg itinerary?

    I have 1 order to ship from A to B, a second order to ship from A to C. I would like to plan both order to ship form A to B and then ship the second order from B to C.

    Bulk plan fails. I can plan the first order direct and the second order using a itinerary to relay to B. I then have to merge the 2 shipments together that travel from A to B.

    There has to be an easier way.

    Anyone have a suggestion I could try?

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    Hi Brian,

    One of the ways of tackling this is to create a region which has both locations B and C included in it.
    In the itinerary remember to create it from location to region



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      Hello Arun,

      We typically use 2 types of itineraries. The most common is set up as Country to Country. (99% of our shipment are in the United States) I've set up other itineraries that are country to country with the first leg having a defined leg end point destination ID (one of our warehouses)

      I want to create 2 shipments. The first shipment should bring both Orders from point A (supplier) to point B (my warehouse), unload one Order. A second shipment will transfer the second Order from point B to Point C (my second warehouse).

      My itinerary works when all orders go from A to B then B to C.



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        It could be a couple of things. In a multi-leg, OTM is looking to build two different shipments. In the process it's looking to deconsolidate the first shipment at the second location. If your itinerary is set up with an 'Equipment Assignment Type' of Optimize Equipment this might be the case. It may work if you change this setting to 'Re-Use Equipment'.

        There also might be an issue with your Location Roles. Ship From/Ship To may not allow the deconsolidation/re-consolidation at Location B (First Warehouse). You may have to change it to X-Dock in order to make it work.

        Those are some low hanging fruit type questions and without knowing your configuration. If the problem does not fall into these areas let me know and maybe we can talk.


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          Re: Consolidation orders using itineraries

          I have much simplier situation, but it doesn't work
          Two OR:
          1. A - C
          2. B - C
          Locations A and B are in the same country. Itinerary is defined like country - country:
          Country - D - F - Country (3 Legs)
          For each leg Auto Consolidation Type = CONSOL INTO ONE EQUIP, for the first leg Equipment Assignment Type = Optimize Equipment, for all other legs - Re-Use Equipment
          For this ORs we define the same itinerary in constraints and expect, that BULK PLAN results will be the following:
          A - D
          B - D (for the first leg two shipments)
          D - F
          F - C (ORs consolidated for other legs)
          But we don't get any consolidation. What's wrong?