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    Hi All
    I have a client that has interest in using the Ship With Group functionality but there is a challenge with how the functionality works versus how they want it to work. The Ship With Group forces all orders with the same ship with group ID to be planned together. No other orders with different ID's or no ID's will be merge with those orders.

    What the client needs is all orders with the same ID's to be grouped together and then that grouping of orders to be optimized with all other orders to ensure full truck loads.

    Does anyone know a good way to do this? I would be curious to see what clients did as a work around before ship with group functionality was available.
    Samuel Levin

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    Re: Ship With Group Functionality

    A change was made in 5.5 Consolidated Update #2: December 2006 (CU-#2: 12.06) that allows the folloiwng:

    Allow order with value Ship with Group be combinable with order with null Ship with Group:
    A code change was made to allow a null "Ship With Group" to match everything, when the Planning Parameter "Multistop Favor Same Ship With Group" is set to true.

    We had the exact same problem as you had here at SHC and pushed for this to be changed...Devlelopment agreed that this is the more common method of using this type of field so they made the enhancement in 5.5 Cu2.

    This should fix your problem