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  • Recurring Process

    Hi ,

    When i tried to save a qurey for recurring process i get this error "java.lang.ClassCastException"


    Business Process Automation>Process managment >Recurring Processes .

    The reson i want to creat it is Coz i want to creat a recurring booking say ex 100 boxes every week .

    What does booking mean in OTM I SUPPOSE ITS ORDER RELEASE

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    Re: Recurring Process

    A booking is an order release.

    thte "java..." error sounds like something you should log with Oracle support.


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      Re: Recurring Process

      I agree - definitely talk with Oracle Support on this one. A java.lang.ClassCastException means that Java is trying to take one type of variable or class and transform it into another type, but isn't able to. A fundamental issue can can stem from the data, the code or several other places.

      They should be able to help you out.

      Chris Plough


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        Recurring Process

        Hi ,

        Can some one explain me the functionality of "Recurring Process"


        Business Process Automation>Process managment >Recurring Processes



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          Re: Recurring Process

          A recurring process is a functionality in OTM so that you can take a saved query and then run certain actions on the results of the query by raising an event for each result. You can also run bulk plans from recurring processes. The reason they call it recurring processes is that you can schedule it to run at a specific time every day. So you could, for example, setup a recurring process to run a bulk plan for all open order releases for a given source location every night at 3am or something like that.


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            Re: Recurring Process

            I need to create a bulk plan recurring process. I have already created using a saved query and respective other parameters. Is this possible to configure a recurring process for a specific order movement? something like below.
            1. Either passing order movement gid along with the saved query name in TOPIC_PARAMETERS column in
            PROCESS_CONTROL_REQUEST table.
            2. Rather passing saved query if we can directly pass order movement gid in TOPIC_PARAMETERS column in
            PROCESS_CONTROL_REQUEST table.

            Thanks in advance for your help.


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              Re: Recurring Process

              For BuildBuySideShipments, use
              -savedQuery (pks) -orGids {[I]GID1[/I],[I]GID2[/I],[I]GID3[/I]}
              For Bulk Plan Order Movements, use
              -savedQuery (pks) -omGids {[I]GID1[/I],[I]GID2[/I],[I]GID3[/I]}
              Other arguments, please see
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              Joseph Liang
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                Re: Recurring Process


                We created 3 recurring process for Bulk Plan and scheduled the jobs for every 15 mins but we are not receiving emails. Below is the logic.

                1. created three saved queries,
                First saved query : bulk plan running between 10 and 15 mins,
                second saved query : bulk plan running between 15 and 20 mins
                third saved Query : bulk plan running more than 20 minutes.
                2. Created three recurring process for these three queries. Queries returning data but we are not getting any email notification.

                Why we are not getting any emails? Can you please help me on this?