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[SOLVED] Commodities - LTL

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  • [SOLVED] Commodities - LTL

    We need the ability to have a group of orders have different LTL rates, but share the same TL rates. All the orders originate from the same location. Using service provider profiles associated with the order releases, is an option but we are told that OTM 5.0 would not build multi-stop TL shipments for orders with service provider profiles attached.

    The other suggestion is to differentiate the orders by commodities. However when setting up the commodities associated with the two different types, we aren't able to plan LTL. The LTL rating does not find NMFC classes for those items with the new commodity.

    Is there a way to use commodities to differentiate orders so they can either combine for some modes or use different rates for other modes?

    thanks Art

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    Re: Commodities - LTL

    Hi Art,

    If you are using SMC to rate your LTL shipments, I would suggest to stay away from changing the commodity types.

    There might be an easier way to achieve what you want by using the Basis section on the cost of your Rate Record. You can select the criterion upon which the rate will be calculated. I would suggest selecting the "Order Base Reference Number Value" option. But first you may consider creating a new Order Base Reference Number Qualifier and adding those Reference Numbers to your Order Bases.

    Hope this helps,

    Alejandro B.