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why Order_release_line_GID should be unique?

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  • why Order_release_line_GID should be unique?

    Could any one explain why order_line_GID should be unique.

    I am thinking that in any order this value means any normal there can be multiple line items so system should generate the value as default serials like 1,2,3. But since system is not generating these values, so when I am inserting these values then I am getting the error that order_line_gid be unique.

    Pls explain on this.

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    Re: why Order_release_line_GID should be unique?

    Order Base Line Number needs to be unique as it is related to various other master data and becoz of its connections with Order Base and Order Release.
    Though by default u see the Order Base Line field blank user need not mandatorly enter it. If not entered system will pick up the value based on its Business Rule mentioned in Power Data > Business Numbers > BN RULE OB_LINE_XID.DEFAULT

    Raveendranath Thalapalli


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      Re: why Order_release_line_GID should be unique?

      Hi Ravi,

      I am mentioning Order release line GID, not order base. I understand your point that many tables would be referring to order release line GID and i may not enter it since system may take this value as default.

      But whenever you are receiving an order then it will come with multiple line items and if you define a business number rule for defining the value of this field then in every order the values will be starting from a new no whereas these values should start from 1 since the line would be first for new order coming.

      Lets say you have Order-1 as order release in OTM and it has 3 line items.

      Now when I receive order-2 with 3 line items then if the business number generator rule is applied then new order will begin with order release line no as 4 instead of 1. here, not entering the value will not solve the purpose.

      I hope i have explained my question.