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Voyage vs. Charter Voyage

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  • Voyage vs. Charter Voyage

    I am facing the following issue: I need to set up a voyage with one port of loading and two ports of discharge what I usually would do using the voyage schedule but I also need to define consols (bookings) on that voyage to have defined capacity to book orders against and fill the capacity up but consols are only available for charter voyages but there I can only defin one source and one destination. Any thoughts on solving that dilemma? Thanks a lot, Markus.

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    Re: Voyage vs. Charter Voyage

    Markus - I think that is a limitation of the fact that the Voyage information and the Charter Voyage were put in to the OTM application at different times for different purposes. My understanding is that if you want to use the Consol functionality, you have to use Charter Voyages.

    You will probably need to define another business process to support the clients requirements.