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[SOLVED] multistop shipment

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  • [SOLVED] multistop shipment


    Is it mandatory to enter Latitude and Longitude for the LOCATIONS involved in multistop even if the Rate Distance is Look up only

    when I tried to create a multi stop from Order release >>Action >>Create Buy Shipment>>Multi stop

    Below error is displayed

    Failed to pair any two shipments.

    In the itinerary should we only select “ “NO EQUIPMENT OPTION “ FOR Equipment Assignment Type to make the multi stop work .


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    Re: multistop shipment

    Hi Kishore,

    Are your locations outside of the US? OTM should autopopulate the long-lat information based on the US Zip Code.

    We have a multi stop itinerary with the option of Optimize Equipment (instead of No Equipment Option) and it works fine.

    Some tips that may also help you are:
    If your shipments is:
    A(pick up) to B (pick up) to C (drop off),
    Make sure that you have rate records for the following lines:
    A to C
    B to C
    Make sure that a rate per mile can be used in either case (a rate per mile for each rate record or using the Circuitous Distance Cost).

    I wonder if multistop works under a LookUp distance configuration but make sure that the distances from A to B and from B to C are also included in your lookup distance table.

    Check the time windows on your order releases, there might be a time constraint there for a multistop.

    Finally, sometimes we have had problems planning multi-stop shipments. We opted to plan 2 direct shipments that later can be
    merged together in a multistop.

    Hope this helps,

    Alejandro Barba