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[SOLVED] Client Purchase order

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  • [SOLVED] Client Purchase order

    Hi ,

    How do we creat a client in OTM 5.5 .

    How do we creat a Client Purchase order manually in OTM


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    Re: Client Purchase order


    What do you mean client ? There is no such entity really defined in OTM. What documentation have you seen that would suggest otherwise ?

    There is the concept of a customer and a buyer (in relation to the freight forwarding functionality within OTM), and there is also the concept of a domain which provides seperation of data in the database and is commonly used in 3PL environments to do that, but please clarify your question.

    In terms of creating a PO, that would be Order Management - Purchase Order - Order Base - New. However, you will need a lot of other base data defined before you can sucessfully create that in the application.

    Good luck.


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      Re: Client Purchase order

      Hi Bmj,

      Thanks for your mail .

      In OTM can we creat a Purchase order related to particular customer .

      Please clarify on the customer and buyer aswell.

      I suppose a Customer is created as Domain in OTM .

      Apprecite if can forward me any documents related to the role of customer and buyer .
      [email protected]


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        Re: Client Purchase order


        1. When you create an order base (the underlying entity behind a Purchase Order) there are two ways in which you relate that to a kind of "customer". The first is the destination location of the order and the second is some kind of involved party (e.g BILL-TO, or one that you can create for your own purposes).

        2. The "customer" does indeed use the concept of a domain - although it has more information related to it than a domain does".

        3. The "buyer" uses, I think, the location entity - although it has a lot less information than a location related to it.

        4. The customer and buyer are used in the freight forwarding module when you create bookings in the freight forwarding module, they are not used elsewhere in the standard OTM application.

        If you yourself are starting out in OTM and the client you are working with is asking you to produce some documentation on this, I would strongly suggest that you both consider employing an experienced OTM consultant for a short period of time to help you on the design for what you are trying to achieve.


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          Purchase order status

          How do we record the status/history of the purchase order .

          1) if the purchase order is for 100 and later modified to 50 .

          2)If the purchase order is cancelled how do we mantain the status of the purchase is cancelled in the history .

          3)How do we identify purchase order for which no action has been taken for a period of time.


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            Re: Purchase order status

            1. Depends - maybe order base events.
            2. Probably an order base status type and status value
            3. Order Base milestone template

            There are lots of different ways of achieving these things. Are you answering an RFP ?


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              Otm Events

              Hi .

              Can any one please send me if you have any material related to events .



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                Re: Otm Events


                Are you still looking for help on the OTM event functionality ? Have you got the details of what you are looking for ? If so, please post on here and I am sure someone can help..


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                  Re: Client Purchase order

                  HI BMJ,

                  I got the below Answer

                  Customized Agent Events are triggered in the body of an Automation Agent with the "Raise Event" Action. We have used these Agent Events to link different types of Agents in OTM v4.5.


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                    Re: Order release Cancel

                    How do we maintain history for the bookings cancelled and If costs are captured against a booking, how do we invoice


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                      shipment-multistop(Via Pool)

                      Hi i am not able to create a shipment as per the below senario

                      Source location - Chicago - stateprovins-IL

                      Deconsolpool - Houston - Stateprovins-TX


                      Regionid - I have region with two location
                      Austin - Tx
                      Victoria - Tx

                      I have created a rate offer for TL between Chigago and houston and also a rate record on shipment basis

                      i have Created a rate offering for LTL for TX provinses (Source province- TX and destination province as -TX) and rate record on shipment weight basis

                      i have created a Rate offin for Handling and rate record for Location Houston on shipment weight basis .

                      i have crated a itenary between(State province -IL and Sate Province - TX)
                      in the LIST LEGS i have select the mode as Land Equipment Assesment type as -Optimize equipment .

                      I have created two order bases for Chicago-Austin and Chicago-Victoria.
                      after releasing the lines when i select the creat shipment both two order releases are are showing in shipments failed to plan

                      Please help if i miss any of the settings



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                        Re: shipment-multistop(Via Pool)

                        There could be any number of reasons that shipments are not being built (invalid rates, rate service issues, itinerary / equipment issues).

                        To start with, if you use the Rate Inquiry Tool, are all of your valid rates returned for the IL-TX TL leg and also from TX-TX for the LTL leg ? If not, you will need to check the log files from that RIQ process to see why it is not returning your rates.

                        My approach (and suggestion to you) with this would be to first ignore the deconsolidation scenario and to build a direct IL-TX TL shipment. Once that is working satisfactorily, I would then introduce the complexity of the deconsolidation point and multiple orders.


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                          Re: Client Purchase order

                          HI BMJ,

                          I have built the TL shipment and its wroking fine .