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[SOLVED] IE vs Firefox

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  • [SOLVED] IE vs Firefox

    I know that there are issues with having multiple internet explorer windows open to the same OTM instance, as cache can make your update go horribly wrong.

    Is it safe to run one Internet Explorer window and one Firefox window?
    Is there any other way to have two independent sessions running of OTM?
    How have you dealt with this limitation?

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    Re: IE vs Firefox

    Hi Caleb,

    I have some of my users work with multiple IE windows (but with different logins). Occassionally, within the development team, we are also accessing the same instance with multiple IE windows and the same logins - we have not experienced any issues.

    The only time when things went horribly wrong was when we opened multiple tabs for IE 7 in a single IE window. That really messed up our bulk planning!

    So currently we mandated our users to stop using tabs with IE 7 and if they have to open multiple windows, keep them as separate windows in IE 7.

    I have terrible problems using FireFox as some custom screen sets fail to display at all - returning a jsp error. We have also mandated all users to use IE 7


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      Re: IE vs Firefox

      We are still working in IE6, and our issues really revolve around opening 2 shipments in edit mode. The second shipment is opened, the first shipment is edited and finished, and the shipment details are written to the second shipment.

      I use Firefox and haven't run into any issues with custom screens. The only issue I have seen is that the table column headers don't show the proper width in the new Firefox 3 Beta.

      Maybe we should look into IE7.


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        Re: IE vs Firefox


        To answer the question you posed earlier - yes you can use both IE and Firefox at the same time to better manage the issue. That's how I've been doing it for years. It may not be necessary anymore with IE 7 (thanks for the tip, Ian) - but there were so many issues with it early on in OTM that I've just stuck with the process.

        Chris Plough