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return to vendor mapping in OTM

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  • return to vendor mapping in OTM

    Hi All,

    This is my first post in otmfaq. I want to map return to vendor functionality in OTM for inbound logistics wherein the material recieved by supplier is faulty and I want to recover the freight cost from supplier for getting the material from the supplier.

    This is different from damage claim wherein the cost of the goods is not to be recovered only the freight cost from the supplier.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: return to vendor mapping in OTM

    The way I would like to map is - Hope it will work.

    1. Define an order type - to identify return to vendor order releases.
    2. Reference the purchase order / line in the shipment will be made back to the vendor.
    (Copy the references to shipments from the order base / release)
    3. Again when the vendor ships it back - again the PO / Line will/should be referenced in the Order releases / shipments. (part of ready to ship flow)
    4. By way of a customized report / program - I can detail out the freight which I have paid on a PO/Line by summarization at the PO/Line for the supplier.
    5. I can make use of this information to get back to the supplier - with a freight bill for them to make payment against it.
    6. Once I receive payments against - I can pass adjust only shipment cost transaction with an adjustment reason to identify a freight recovery - without deleting the orginal cost line. (available as OTM 5.5 CU3)

    Hope this helps.

    thx and rgds,
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