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New to OTM- Need some systematic learning

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  • New to OTM- Need some systematic learning

    Hi All,

    I am also relatively new to OTM. I have been going through different taining mateirals of OTM, but still there look for "systematic learning".

    If you guys have "simple busines scenarios and respective mapping in OTM". it will help me a LOT or even simple pre-sales document with scenarios & mapping.
    For example :

    1. Air shipment (set ups, consol/direct shipment, orgin & destiantion handling)
    2. Ocean shipment (set ups, LCL/FCL shipment, orgin & destiantion handling)
    3. Truck movements (set ups, LCL/FCL shipment, orgin & destiantion handling)
    I know this is too much to ask..but a silly question is better than silly doubt(untold).
    May be for some, sending such data is against company policy. In that case, do not trouble yourself.


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    Re: New to OTM- Need some systematic learning

    Hi Ashok - within this community, there will be a lot of different pre-sales documents, business process flows, OTM Configuration documents etc.

    However, the issue will be that most, if not all, of this information is company confidential (whether you are implementing OTM as an external consultant, or working within the organisation that is implementing the tool) and therefore I would have thought it is unlikely that anyone will be able to provide you with what are asking for.

    My advice would be the following; take a standard business scenario and all of the associated master data (locations, service providers, rates, items / materials) and then a few examples of the transactional datat (order base, order release, shipments) and then try to build that in the application. Sit down and key that information in to the application starting from scratch and that will give you the "systematic learning" you are probably looking for.

    At the end of the day, in my opinion, you can't learn how to configure, install and support this application by reading about it - you have to sit down and do it.

    If you are having issues in the above, post the issues on here and people will generally try to help you where they can.


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      Re: New to OTM- Need some systematic learning

      thank you.