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  • Rate ID Generate automatically


    I am trying to generate the rate offering id automatically, my first question is if this is possible. If the response is affirmative, I am trying to use BNG.

    The steps I have to follow are:

    1-Create the BN Context or should I select one of the list?
    2-Create the BN type
    3-Create the BN rule.
    4-Relation the new BN with the rate offering, in menu Contract and rate management > power data, I can’t find information about numbers generation I only see about reference numbers.

    Is possible to auto generate the id ? And are correct the steps I have written?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Rate ID Generate automatically

    I dont think you can generate the rate offering ID automatically using BNG. Generally, as the rate offering is supposed to model the "contract" between shipper and carrier, this will be known or will be some meaningful reference as opposed to a system generated ID.

    What is the exact problem you are trying to solve by automating the generation of this ID ?


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      Re: Rate ID Generate automatically

      Hi BMJ_23,

      I have seen many systems generating the rate offering ID automatically, To maintain the system generated reference no, BNG rule should be available in any TMS.

      How we used to operate the rate offering in industry was that, when we get the contract signed between the customer and our company(Read LSP), we used to enter all the details and system will provide an automatic no which will be provided to Operations team for their reference (Read: To see the rates).


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        Re: Rate ID Generate automatically

        If you have seen many other OTM installations generating the Rate Offering automatically, just check the configuration of those against what you have - or do you mean other applications and not OTM ?

        IMHO, I don't believe that out of the box that OTM will automatically generate rate offerings for you using BNG. There may be some BNG work you can do to automate that, but I have not seen it done before.

        If the business use is as simple as you state, just come up with a standard way of naming your rate offerings as they are input by your operational staff and get them to key it in, that's not a big deal. All of the LSP clients I have worked with who use OTM do something along those lines.


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          Re: Rate ID Generate automatically

          Hi BMJ_23,

          You have misunderstood my reply. I meant other TMS systems(Not OTM) where I have seen the functionality of auto-generation of rate offering. So I had just explained the process in my company.