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  • SMS available in 5.5

    I find "SMS" in the Notification tab of the contact screen."SMS" is available in the Com Method ID/Com Method dropdown.Does otm pick up the values entered in Phone1,Phone 2 of the contact screen and send SMS directly tto Mobile.How do I make use of this functionality to send SMS from OTM to mobiles.
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    Re: SMS available in 5.5

    Moshe, I think you will find that "SMS" appearing in that com method drop down is just an entry on the com_method table - nothing more nothing less. As far as I am aware, there is no "functionality" in OTM to send SMS directly to a phone - you have to go via a 3rd party supplier that can take the email from OTM and convert it in to an SMS message for you.

    Chris Plough says the same thing in this post

    Let me know if you find out anything different.


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      Re: SMS available in 5.5

      Agreed - I worked on the technical portion of OTM and understand the mechanisms that OTM uses on the back-end to send out communications. Currently the only mechanism is SMTP email -- which is used for emails, sms (through an sms email address), and faxes (through a fax gateway like FAXMaker or RightFAX). In each of these cases, OTM just sends out a specially formatted email and expects a gateway or 3rd party product to do the translation.

      Chris Plough