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  • Notification for Hazardous Material

    Whenever I create a record using Hazardous Material screen.I need to send a notification to a mail id.I tried to use Agents but I dont find a suitable Agent Type.
    How do I execute this.Is there a workaround for this issue?

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    Re: Notification for Hazardous Material

    Hi there - I do believe that it is possible to create your own custom agent event that look for when a new record is entered in to the relevant database table. I dont have details on exactly how to do that for your scenario, but I do believe it is possible, with some investigation and support, to achieve what you are looking to do.

    The example I have seen before is a custom agent event that listens for when a particular column on a database table is modified.

    You probably need to get some advice from a TC who has done something similar.

    Let the community know what you find out.


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      Re: Notification for Hazardous Material

      I’m not sure what version you are in , if you are in 5.0 or below , there are no
      Agent Events, For Item Master
      Agent Type: ITEM
      Events : you won't get any events - so the basic problem is you can't listin on any specific event for ITEM

      About 5.5 I'm not sure , if you find any events for Item in 5.5 you can configure this
      -- On Item create - manual or Integration
      ---in Agent Actions write a saved query: check the Haz flag :
      If yes
      Send Notification: User Id

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