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  • hazardous materials

    hi there , does anyone know if OTM can be configured so that hazardous items such as 5.1, 5.2 and 8 cannot be shipped together? I know how its possible within the commodity screens but is it possible to do within hazardous screens themselves?

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    Re: hazardous materials

    I dont think that the hazardous material and hazardous item information held within OTM is used in the planning process to determine which items can be shipped together.

    For a typical scenario which explains how the hazardous material and item functionality was designed to be used, look at the online help under hazardous item.


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      Re: hazardous materials

      Reviving an old post. I have the same requirement. Is there any solution to this? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

      I saw something called Hazardous classification profile and the help says the below:
      "Use the Compatible check box to indicate if the hazardous classifications assigned to the profile are included or excluded when the profile is used by planning".

      Has anyone used this or any other solution to the problem.

      Anirban Roy


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        Hello Fellow OTM people,

        I have quite similar requirement. can we handle Hazardous material consolidation in OTM while planning ? I am using my commodity classification for Temperature requirements, hence i cannot that here.
        'Hazardous classification profile' does not work.

        Best Regards,