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    I want to schedule a vessel voyage for a frecuency with days for example all mondays instead of entering the exact date in the activity date or estimate date or actual date.
    I want it like in the ground menu where i can select any day of the week as frecuency.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Vessel Schedule

    I have faced a similar issue before and the simplest way of doing this is to specify exact dates, but to create the data in spreadsheet format and then load it via CSV. Very simple to do and you can go as far in to the future as you need to. Probably no more than 2/3 hours work to load and test.

    Re-post if you are still having issues.


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      Re: Vessel Schedule

      I have a fixed vessel schedule (xls/pdf file) which is downloaded from internet every week.
      Can we automize the updation of vessel schedule ?
      Pls guide me on what path to follow to upload the same.
      Appreciate your guidance
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        Re: Vessel Schedule

        Yes you can. Have a look at Chapter 12 of the 5.5. Data Management guide. That should be more than enough information to get you started on how to interface vessel schedule data in to OTM.

        Alternatively, you can just load CSV files for the voyage and voyloc tables (by passing the staging tables described in the data management guide) - although the best way to check that is to key one vessel schedule in to the application and then unload those two tables to make sure you have all of the required data.