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[SOLVED] Location Loading Sequence

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  • [SOLVED] Location Loading Sequence

    Can someone explain to me what the sequential order is for a location csv upload where within the location consists both a Corporation ID and Contact ID. I'm assuming that there's at least three tables that need to be updated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Location Loading Sequence

    OK, so my take it on would be:

    1. Load the corporation Id via the UI - just key it in, its probably easier. If you want to, you can load a new corporation in to the corporation table.

    2. Load the location table
    3. Load the location_address table (assuming you have address information for your locations)
    4. Load the location_corporation table (this will link the location gid you have loaded with your corporation gid)
    5. Load the location_role_profile table (you will probably want a location_role_gid of SHIPFROM/SHIPTO for each location you are loading.
    6. Load the contact table with reference to the location_xid that you to relate the contacts to.

    With all of these things, the easiest way of doing it is to key one example in to the application via the UI and then unload the relevant tables in CSV. That will give you all of the data maps you need to do a mass load of the data you have.


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      Re: Location Loading Sequence

      I was able to successfully upload all of the following tables except for the Corporation.csv.

      The following were sucessfully uploaded...

      Since we have over 400 locations to add into OTM, manually adding the Corporation ID's would be a very time consuming process. While loading the Corporation ID through a csv upload, I received the following error message.
      - <Error>
      <Exception>ORA-00921: unexpected end of SQL command</Exception>
      <Data>AL.SVU070180528,SVU070180528,SVU070180528,N, AL</Data>

      I wonder if there's another corporation table that I may be missing. Any ideas?


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        Re: Location Loading Sequence


        Sounds to me like the problem is within the construction of your Corporation table. Especially since you mentioned having 400 corporations and the ErrorCount is one. I would suggest checking your Corporation CSV file or even creating it from scratch again.

        Hope this helps,

        Alejandro Barba


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          Re: Location Loading Sequence

          Just from looking at that XML output you are getting back from the CSV upload process, you may have a space an unwanted space at the end of your file...

          Your file looks like it has : SVU070180528,N, AL

          and it probably should have: SVU070180528,N,AL

          The upload process may be interpreting that as a blank domain name (or a domain name of with a leading space) when the Gid you are using references the AL domain.

          Correct that error and re-try the upload process.