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  • OTM DBA Lead

    Call Jeff Hennigan at 512.231.3626 for more detail. (or email at [email protected])

    Austin based client is in need of an Oracle OTM 5.0 / 5.5 Technical Lead. Person will lead a team of DBAs in migrating Oracle 9i/10g databases across data centers. Databases support Oracle Transpiration Management applications. Lead will oversee all responsibilities of Migration DBAs and coordinate tasks.

    Location: North Austin
    Duration: 6 months
    Client: Very Prominent Technology Company
    Pay Rate: fair market rate with full benefits

    The candidate must pass a drug and background check pre-hire

    · Implementation experience of Oracle OTM 5.0 / 5.5
    · Thorough understanding of Oracle 9i/10g database and tools and DB recovery
    · Use of Linux commands and shell scripting
    · Able to coordinate technical resources
    · Progress reporting to Management

    Knowledge of:
    · G3 on WebLogic / Oracle Application Server
    · Apache Tomcat
    · OTM/GC3 reporting using Oracle Discoverer
    · BPEL
    • Good understanding of concepts on firewall, BIGIP, port mappings etc
    • Sound understanding of technical environments and architectures regarding interaction of Database, Networks, Applications, Et cetera
    . Understanding of load balancing and such

    Datacenter and ProfitLogic price application experience is a big plus

    Project overview
    A project has been authorized to migrate all ProfitLogic (PL) and OTM customers currently at the Savvis data center to the Austin Data Center (ADC). The current project timeline has pilot migrations starting in April-May with the remaining migrations occuring during the period of June-September. It is during the main migration period of May-September (training in May) that contract resources are needed. The project team has built a preliminary migration schedule and is currently building a customer communication plan, however, customers have not been notified as of yet. For both offerings, the team has also built a migration workplan which details all of the steps involved in migrating the customers from Savvis to the ADC. The project team has identified a need for consulting resources as required to satisfy the technical skillset AND headcount requirements of the project. These resources are required in order to execute the volume of customers identified in the migration schedule within the timeline identified in the Project Scope and Business Requirements Document as completed by OnDemand’s business decision makers.